Redesigning Learning for the Connected Age

This is a support website for LRNG: CHI, where you can learn more about the initiative in Chicago. To use LRNG: CHI, visit:

LRNG: CHI is an online learning and digital badging platform that helps to connect learning experiences to opportunities, ensuring that all young people have inspiration and guidance to prepare them for life and work in the modern economy.

The Hive Chicago Fund for Connected Learning (the Fund) at The Chicago Community Trust incorporated LRNG into its work in the summer of 2016 to support youth and young adults in developing skills to prepare for employment and in exploring their passions.

Playlists: On LRNG: CHI, learners can explore Playlists—groups of learning experiences around a theme, from job readiness to the basics of jazz lap drumming.

XPs: Experiences or activities that make up a Playlist, such as games, tutorials, in-person events, or online courses. Learners prove they have completed an XP by submitting relevant evidence on LRNG.

Digital Badges: Shareable, digital credentials that provide evidence of a meaningful learning achievement. When learners complete LRNG Playlists, they can earn digital badges. They can also earn digital badges issued through LRNG for participating in in-person programming. Badges may unlock real-world opportunities for youth, such as showcases of work, job shadowing, or internships. Learners can share badges on their LinkedIn profiles and resumes to show off the skills they’ve mastered. When one clicks on a badge, it opens to reveal the skills the learner has demonstrated to earn the badge. Badges become part of the learner’s lifelong portfolio. One of the aims of the Hive Chicago Fund for Connected Learning is to support organizations in incorporating digital badging into their programs and practices.


LRNG is powered by Collective Shift, a national nonprofit dedicated to redesigning social systems for the connected age. LRNG is funded in part by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

LRNG: CHI is an initiative managed by the Hive Chicago Fund for Connected Learning, a collaborative of The Chicago Community Trust. The Hive Chicago Fund for Connected Learning at The Chicago Community Trust promotes the growth and adoption of connected learning in Chicago, ensuring youth from all backgrounds have access to rich learning opportunities. The Fund works in partnership with the Hive Chicago Learning Network—a peer professional learning community for innovation in education—and Chicago City of Learning and LRNG—online enrichment and workforce development platforms—to spread engaging learning opportunities. Together, we are leveraging the digital age to transform the learning landscape to be more connected and learner-centered.