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LRNG is excited to announce that we’re working with EA to develop one of our Playlists, a breakthrough approach to learning that provides fun and engaging ways for young people to acquire technical skills and workforce competencies.

Playlists consist of linked sets of learning Experiences, Resources and Events — both in-person and online activities. When completed, often in whatever order a young person chooses, Playlists lead to mastery of a skill or competency, and ladder up to become interest-driven Learning Paths.

Young people who complete a Playlist earn a capstone Digital Badge. This badge in turn can unlock additional learning challenges, such as the chance to showcase their work at an event, meet with an expert mentor, or access an internship opportunity.

LRNG Playlists and Digital Badges help young people identify and follow interest-driven paths, and make critical connections to real-world opportunities. Together Playlists and Badges fuel young people’s creativity and motivation.

Companies like EA will lend their industry expertise to the design of their Playlists, in this case focusing on the basics of gaming. Moving forward, we will work with Fossil, GAP and Microsoft to co-design more learning experiences for youth.

For employers, Playlists are a unique way to give back to the community while helping young people gain 21st-century workplace skills. We are grateful to EA for kicking off the first of our co-designed Playlist experience.