What are you into?

The Passion Collector mobile app will give teens a way to pursue their LRNG interests on the go.

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Three quarters of teenagers now use a smartphone. For many young people, that palm-sized computer they carry in their hand or pocket feels a lot like an extension of their very being. LRNG wants to transform their tech devices into mobile platforms for teens to find and pursue their passions — and link those interests to career opportunities in the real world.

The Passion Collector — a concept now under review by the Reach Higher Career App Challenge hosted by the U.S. Department of Education — will include a quiz that helps teens define what they are interested in. Based on their answers, the app will recommend Playlists they can pursue to develop skills and competencies and help guide them through career-choice decision-making.

what are you into photo 1We know that today, learning can and does happen anywhere and everywhere, and teens can turn their phone into a classroom that reaches across their community and around the world. The Passion Collector will serve as an on-the-go guide to help young people complete learning experiences in the community and online. Teens can document their achievements with video, audio and images, which they can upload for assessment by mentors who can provide feedback and award digital badges.

What are you into image 2Once a young person finishes a learning experience or badge, the Passion Collector will recommend other experiences that they might like to try. These recommendations help young people grow their expertise in a particular area (such as videography, coding or fashion design) or try something new — all while creating the key connectors between what they like to do and what kind of job they would one day like to pursue.

LRNG plans to have the Passion Collector up and running in summer 2016. We can’t wait to see teenagers everywhere LRNG on the go.

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